Friday, 11 May 2012

The Circus Certificate: Closure Ceremony

The Circus Certificate: Closure Ceremony

After some weeks of training and achieving good results, the children finally got their Circus Certificate. Over a number of days they practiced balancing, rope skipping, hoola hoops, somersaults, headstand, cartwheels, accurate throws...At the end, we had a ceremony where the participants received a medal and raised a trophy. All are happy with their achievement in this circus activity.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Clay Class

Every wednesday  the children have clay class.
Arthur, the teacher who has been volunteering for this for the past five months, inspires them by showing a clay object which he brings with him, and then demonstrates and explains how it is done. With his help the children have gained new skills and are making good progress.

Children can also cooperate

On 6th May 2012, Sunday, we participated in a culture festival in Bormla, where Centru Tbexbix is situated. We had an information stand with some of our garden plants and cakes.

In line with our focus on creativity, we asked the children to decorate the pots of the plants. In this way the children feel useful and their artistic skills are appreciated... They enjoyed it! 

Yoga Shoots 4th May 2012

Today we had around 32 children from Birkirkara primary school for a yoga shoots session. We divided them into 3 groups and each group did one hour each, rotating, of yoga, music and art. We are 10 volunteers at the moment and everyone had duties and responsibilities, for the smooth running of the programme.

All the children were happy in the end. Some of them expressed that this was their best school outing ever. Another asked: "Can I live here?" It's as if the children immediately become attached to the energy of the place.

We are also happy!