Monday, 16 January 2012

The Sunrise Centre

The Sunrise Centre or Centru Tbexbix is a centre for education and social service based in Cospicua, Malta. It hosts a variety of projects and activities aimed at the all-round development of children, youth and women from the Cottonera area. The programmes offered aim to provide opportunities for learning and personal growth so that people are encouraged and empowered to develop themselves and improve their socio-economic situation.
Programmes at the Sunrise Centre are based on the principles of neo-humanism, which stands for expansive love and respect for others and the whole of creation, recognizing that true education lies in the development of all levels of one's being: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

The Sunrise Centre is located in the heart of Cospicua in a 17th-century house that has undergone extensive restoration.
When the building was bought back in 1999 it had been empty for many years and used as a local dump for almost as long. A number of dedicated volunteers have laboured tirelessly to transform the two-storey dilapidated building into a suitable place to house the project.

The Sunrise Centre is run by volunteers and programmes are offered free of charge. Donations are received to cover the running costs of the centre.

This post was to brief you all on who we are :)
Bellow are few images of previous projects ..Enjoy 

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