Monday, 30 January 2012

What has aboriginal art, yoga and Germany in common?

Answer: They were all part of Centru Tbexbix’s Yoga Shoots of Wednesday 25th Jan.

On this day we at Centru Tbexbix had the great pleasure of welcoming a class from our own neighbourhood, Bormla. The Yoga Shoots was divided into three parts. Our volunteers Nika, Arianna and Alice introduced the children to yoga, while Sophie told them more about her home country, Germany. The children also had the chance to sing a German song.

In Laila and Sonja’s Arts & Crafts, the children had a lot of fun making aboriginal art with animals. First they saw some pictures to get inspiration, and then they had a go of it themselves. The results you can see down below.

One of the teachers from Bormla Primary School later wrote:

It was a very interesting and enjoyable program full of learning activities. All the learning activities were well organized and I'm sure the students had a great time.

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